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The objective of this Call is to support projects contributing to the advancement of sustainable and resilient food and farming systems. Emphasizing resource utilization, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and assessing impacts on yields, product quality, human nutrition, and profitability, the initiative seeks holistic solutions for both organic and conventional farming and/or food approaches.


🎯 Key Objectives:

  1. Resource Management: Addressing how resources are used and exploring ways to enhance efficiency at the system level.
  2. GHG Emissions Reduction: Focusing on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the food and farming systems.
  3. Impact Assessment: Evaluating the impact of proposed projects on yields, product quality, human nutrition, and overall profitability.


🌍Call Impact :

Projects selected under this Call are anticipated to contribute significantly to the development of innovative and impactful solutions for a more sustainable and resilient future in food and farming systems.


📈 Call Statistics:

  • Total Pre-Registrations: 80 complete pre-registrations
  • Total Submitted Full Proposals: 64 eligible full proposals
  • Final Selected Proposals/Projects: 10 selected proposals


🌐Topic Distribution:



No. of propsoals


Topic 1: Enhance fertilizer efficiency and reduce fertilizer use



Topic 2: Increase European protein self-sufficiency



Topic 3: Mitigate GHG emissions in agricultural and food systems



Topic 4: Sustainable energy use and production in agri-food systems 




💰 Total funding volume: 10.2M€.


🚀Next Steps :

We are pleased to announce that we are currently in the national contract negotiation phase. The selected 10 proposals/projects will be the focus of our upcoming endeavors. These projects are set to commence in the first half of 2024.


 Call documents:

1. GEH First Call Guidelines

2. GEH First Call National Annexes



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