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With the Green Era Hub, we are focusing on the involvement of young researchers. The aim is to give Early Career Researchers (ECRs) the opportunity to build up transnational networks, gain experiences and foster their competences in transnational and multidisciplinary collaboration. The instruments to achieve this will be Early Career Researcher Workshops, etc.



Early Career Researcher Workshops

A workshop for ECRs will be organised to identify specific challenges and visions for future sustainable production systems in Europe. The outcome of the workshop could be shaved vision on future sustainable production systems.


"Knowledge exchange" - opportunities for further common activities for Funders in Europe

Workshops for funders will be organised preferably as hybrid-events back-to-back with an EC event with the aim to find out opportunities for further collaboration.


Breakfast Club

An online seminar targeted at ECR will be held one morning every month. Topics will include cutting edge research updates from experts, transferable skills, information and advice on funding opportunities, talks from senior people in academia, industry and civil society.