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Why is a privacy statement needed?

The Green Era Hub sometimes needs some personal data to carry out its mission.

The Green Era Hub attaches great importance to respecting your privacy and strives for quality processing of your personal data. The Green Era Hub ensures that the processing of personal data obtained is done in accordance with legal and regulatory frameworks.


This means that we:

process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which they have been provided limit the processing to those data that are necessary within this purpose

seek your explicit consent where required by law have taken appropriate, technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data.


What personal data do we process and what do we process it for?

The Green Era Hub receives personal data from consortium members, newsletter subscribers, external partners, visitors or other groups involved in scientific research and the general operation of GEH. In order to optimally fulfil our legal missions, it is necessary for GEH to process the personal data that you make available to us.

Consequently, GEH may process the following personal data:

• personal identification data such as name, email address, telephone number,

• visual material such as photos and recordings of data collected in the context of scientific research

Sometimes GEH also conducts research based on personal data;  GEH makes use of the following sources:

• personal data already collected by the project partners

• personal data collected by GEH itself (e.g. information gathered through interviews, focus groups, research, etc.).

Personal data collected in the context of research are always pseudonymized or anonymized for analysis and reporting unless you have given your explicit consent for nonanonymous reporting.

We use the data we collect only for the purposes for which we were given it. It is defined as who can access this data and it is also stored and processed in a sufficiently secure environment.


From which sources do we obtain your personal data?

As far as possible, we use the personal data you have provided to us yourself.

We also receive personal data from other project partners. Personal data obtained are not kept longer than strictly necessary. Personal data obtained in the context of research are kept until 5 years after the closing date of the research (or longer (until the legal retention obligation has expired) if required by law) and destroyed after completion. If applicable, when legally allowed or you give your consent or when granted permissions or protocols allow it , personal data will be kept for any follow-up studies.

Invoices and contact data for the execution of the agreement are in principle kept for 10 years given the tax retention obligation in the context of European projects.

If your obtained data will be destroyed while you expect to need your data after that period to initiate, exercise or substantiate a legal claim, we can provide you with a copy.


To whom do we transfer your data?

Your data are mainly processed internally. Sometimes ILVO is also obliged to pass on data about you. We will only do so if we are required to do so by a statutory provision, at the express request of the judicial authorities, if you have given your consent or if the transfer of your personal data is necessary for the performance of our mission. If personal data is shared as part of the performance of our assignment, we monitor its processing via a processor agreement.


How are your personal data protected?

The Green Era Hub takes sufficient technical and organisational measures to secure your personal data. These measures are appropriate taking into account the state of the art and the costs of implementation.


What are your rights regarding your data?

You can access the data we hold at any time. If certain data is found to be incorrect, you can have it corrected. The incorrect data will be deleted.

If you consider that we are processing your data incorrectly, you may ask us to delete the data or to keep it but not use it further.

You have the right to submit a reasoned objection to the collection and use of your data. If you wish to lodge an objection, you must explain the specific reason therein. This objection will then be dealt with by us.

If you dispute or object, you can (temporarily) stop the processing of your data.


Changes to the privacy statement

This privacy statement may be amended by us. The amended version will always be announced on our website.