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Webinar 5: Thursday 7th December  

Dr. Marc Moraine – Research Engineer at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRAE)

Title: Circularity in re-integrated crop-livestock systems at territory level: pathways and limits for transitions

Dr. Mihaela Balanescu - Senior Researcher at Beia Consult International

Title: Challenges and solutions for GHGs emissions mitigation for the mixed farming systems across different European climates


🌏🌾🐄Explore sustainable agriculture in a past webinar featuring talks on circularity in re-integrated crop-livestock systems and the challenges of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in European mixed farming. Dr.Marc Moraine (INRAE) discussed transitions in re-integrated systems, while Dr. Mihaela Balanescu (Beia Consult International) addressed emissions mitigation in diverse European climates. Gain insights into fostering circular and environmentally conscious farming practices.🌱🎙️