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Italy, Rome

Introduction to ‘Socratic Dialogue’

"Socratic Dialogue" events acts as a conduit for collaboration among funding agencies and stakeholder partners, particularly within the Agri-food and Biotechnology sector  targeted by the GEH.

The choice of the term "Socratic Dialogue" draws inspiration from the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates (Athens, 469-399 B.C.E). Socrates, known for his open dialogues with fellow citizens, engaged in conversations that touched upon diverse subjects, transcending the confines of traditional philosophy. In the GEH context, specifically in this task, which focuses on the transnational exchange of best practices related to international research cooperation, we embrace a broader interpretation of Socratic Dialogue.

In the GEH context, where transnational exchange of best practices related to international research collaboration is central, we adopt dialogue as a collaborative interrogation method with the aim of promoting mutual learning and collaboration among participants. Our focus is on a dialogical aspect, and the intention is to create an interactive conversation by asking questions within a relevant topic that fosters a valuable exchange between participants towards mutual learning and upgrading knowledge.


Join us for the annual Socratic Dialogue with the theme "A sea of cooperation: Towards a close Euro-Mediterranean research community".

This engaging dialogue, is designed to facilitate the exchange of information and reflections on strengthening cooperation among Mediterranean countries in the ERA. Our focus will be on joint research and innovation (R&I) efforts in the agri-food and bioeconomy sectors. Expect an atmosphere of open dialogue and mutual learning.