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Italy, Rome


One of GEH's activities is aimed at expanding into the Western Balkan countries. The opportunity to strengthen cooperation with and within the ERA is a great opportunity to improve both ties and relationships between countries at all levels (institutions, research centers, stakeholders) in our areas of interest, and the capacity itself to jointly address research needs that are, particularly in our remit, transboundary and multi-sectoral. The GEH is therefore focused on establishing contacts with funders and researchers from the five target countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia) to exchange experiences, inform them about the functioning of the new EU partnerships and related opportunities, and explore concrete opportunities for cooperation, in particular for implementing joint calls for research projects in the context of Horizon Europe. Other cooperation activities may also be considered. 


After a successful online meeting on 7 February 2024, our second event on 12 April 2024, at the same venue, will be dedicated to extending cooperation to Western Balkan countries. This event promises to further strengthen ties and promote cooperation in the region.