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Supporting the Future of Animal Health and Welfare


The European Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare hereby pre-announces the 1st co-funded call for transnational research projects.
The opening of the call is expected to be on 8 May 2024.
Details presented in this document may be subject to change before the opening of the call.


Background & Scope of the Call

The European Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare (EUPAHW) is committed to ensuring a sustainable production system for terrestrial and aquatic animals. This system is designed to prevent and control infectious animal diseases, promote prudent use of antimicrobials and ensure high animal welfare throughout all stages of an animal's life.
The objectives of the EUPAHW align with the European Green Deal and its associated Farm-to-Fork Strategy, which advocates for a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system.
The Partnership will organise internal R&I actions (restricted to the EUPAHW beneficiaries) and launch transnational calls for additional external R&I projects to achieve its goals. The 2024 co-funded transnational call is the first EUPAHW call and is open to research entities external to the partnership EUPAHW and, under some limitations, to the Research Performing Organisations (RPO), which are beneficiaries of the EUPAHW. The Partnership pools national and regional financial resources through the participation of Ministries and Funding Organisations. In this first call 30 Funding Organisations from 19 countries responsible for funding research and innovation actions with financial support from the European Commission.

The purpose of this call is to support the future of the health and welfare of terrestrial and aquatic animals through research and innovation and the advancement of fundamental and socio-economic science.
The call also aims to contribute to the main objectives of the EUPAHW, as outlined in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), and the research objectives of the partner Funding Organisations.


Call Topics

This call is open to proposals addressing one of the research topics described below, focusing on terrestrial and aquatic animals, bee health, or wildlife where relevant (transmission of diseases of consequence to livestock or zoonotic diseases).

  • Topic 1: Novel Technologies for Prevention, Detection, Assessment, and Management of Animal Health and Welfare. This topic includes research projects that concentrate on creating and advancing innovative technologies to enhance Animal Health &Welfare.
  • Topic 2: Fundamental Research for Animal Health and Welfare.This topic involves research to advance scientific knowledge and understanding of the biological, immunological, and physiological mechanisms influencing terrestrial and aquatic Animal Health &Welfare.
  • Topic 3: Animal Health and Welfare and Society. This topic covers social, economic, or ethical studies that examine how pathogens or novel technologies or improved animal welfare might impact farmers, fishers, aquaculture producers, consumers, or the production chain.


Who can apply?

Universities and other higher education institutions, public research institutions, non-profit organisations, civil society representatives and private companies can apply, subject to the national/regional regulations and eligibility criteria. Partners ineligible to receive funding from participating Funding Organisations (see below) can also be part of research consortia if they bring their own resources.
The conditions for participating in the external research calls for the Research Performing Organisations that are beneficiaries of the EUPAHW will be further defined in the Call Announcement.



The call will follow a two-step evaluation procedure. The call launch is planned for the 8th May 2024 when also the partnering tool will be available on the submission tool homepage ( Projects are expected to start between July and December 2025, depending on grant negotiations with the relevant regional or national funding organisations.


Webinar for Applicants: Join us on 14th of May 2024 from 10:00-12:00 CEST.


Further information can be found on


EUPAHW_PreAnnouncement_Call1_published.pdf (639.9 KB) Collaborative research calls