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The Green ERA-Hub Breakfast Club on Circularity in Agriculture was organised to bring together post-doctoral researcher, PhD student or stakeholders, and enthusiasts in the field of agriculture to discuss and explore sustainable practices and principles of circular economy within the agriculture sector. This forum focuses on fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and promoting innovative approaches to make agriculture more environmentally friendly, resource-efficient and economically viable. But also to encourage networking and the exchange of ideas among participants interested in promoting circularity in agriculture.


  • Webinar 5: Thursday 7th December  

🌏🌾🐄Explore sustainable agriculture in a past webinar featuring talks on circularity in re-integrated crop-livestock systems and the challenges of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions in European mixed farming. Dr.Marc Moraine (INRAE) discussed transitions in re-integrated systems, while Dr. Mihaela Balanescu (Beia Consult International) addressed emissions mitigation in diverse European climates. Gain insights into fostering circular and environmentally conscious farming practices.🌱🎙️


Video: 🐄🌾Circularity in re-integrated crop-livestock systems and GHGs emissions mitigation farming systems


  • Webinar 4: Thursday 23rd November

🌏♻️Explore environmental sustainability in agriculture through past webinars featuring Prof. Bruce Osborne (University College of Dublin) discussing uncertainties in land use modifications for greenhouse gas reduction. Prof. Martin van Ittersum (Wageningen University) explores practical applications of circularity principles in agriculture, enhancing sustainability. Gain insights into the dynamic link between agriculture and environmental health.🌱🎙️


Video: 🚜♻️Uncertainties of and use/cover modifications and Principles of Circularity and Applications🌏


  • Webinar 3: Thursday 9th November 

🌏🔄 Prof. Hannah van Zanten, Interim Chair and Associate Professor at Wageningen University & Research, explores transformative circular food systems in her talk. Focused on promoting human and planetary health, she discusses sustainable practices prioritizing circularity, emphasizing a healthier connection between food production, consumption, and our planet's well-being. Prof. van Zanten illuminates the potential of circular food systems for a more sustainable and harmonious coexistence.🌱🎙️


Video: ♻️🌾🐄 Circular food systems towards human and planetary health #research #planetaryboundaries


  • Webinar 2: Thursday 26th October 

Prof. Julie Ryschawy, an Assisting Professor in Agroecology/Landscape Agronomy at INRAE, directs her focus towards the innovative realm of agricultural practices. Her work centers around the development of "Dynamix," a serious game designed to foster connections between crop and livestock farmers at the local level. Through this engaging approach, Prof. Ryschawy aims to enhance collaboration and understanding within the agricultural community, contributing to the sustainable evolution of farming systems.

Meanwhile, Prof. Barbara Amon, a Senior Research Scientist at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy of Potsdam (ATB) in Germany, is deeply immersed in advancing the sustainability of circular mixed farming systems for dairy production. Her research encompasses the development of multi-criteria assessment, decision support, and management tools. Through these tools, Prof. Amon strives to provide comprehensive solutions that promote the sustainability and efficiency of dairy production within the broader context of circular farming systems.


  • Webinar 1: Monday 9th October 

Dr. Pip Nicholas-Davies, a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences at Aberystwyth University, directs research towards the intricate domain of mixed farming systems. Actively involved in participatory research, she is dedicated to contributing to the development of these complex systems.

In parallel, Dr. Johannes (Jeroen) Pullens, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agroecology - Climate and Waters at Aarhus University, focuses his scholarly pursuits on the profound impacts stemming from the redistribution of nutrients between farms. Through his work, Dr. Pullens endeavors to untangle the intricacies associated with this redistribution, shedding light on its consequences for agricultural ecosystems. His efforts contribute valuable insights to the dynamic and evolving field of agroecology.



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