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Green ERA-Hub (GEH) is not only committed to funding research and innovation projects, but also prioritizes networking and knowledge exchange as key objectives. Recognizing the crucial role early career researchers (ECRs) play in enhancing these activities, GEH recently closed a call for applications specifically for ECRs. The call was designed to provide ECRs with valuable experiences, enhance their skills and provide opportunities to expand their professional network. 


Program highlights:

  • Selection of candidates: A total of 14 exceptional candidates were selected from a pool of 48 based on qualifications, motivation, value of the visit, compatibility with GEH topics and a reasonable budget calculation.
  • Research stays: The first research stay for the selected candidates began in mid-January 2024. Upon completion, each ECR will submit a final report documenting their experiences.
  • Seminar in 2025: To further enrich the experience, a seminar is planned for early 2025, providing a platform for ECRs to network and present their results.


Benefits of the Program:

  • Gain practical experience at renowned research institutes or public organizations.
  • Enhance skills and competences relevant to your research field.
  • Broaden your professional network for future collaborations.
  • Strengthen your readiness for transnational and multidisciplinary projects.


Financial Support:
Successful applicants, whose application deadline was October 10, 2023, 15:00 (CEST), will receive comprehensive financial support for travel, accommodation and living expenses during the internship or residency.


While this call has closed, stay tuned for future opportunities with GEH as we continue to empower the next generation of researchers for impactful contributions to the global scientific community.


Call document

20230928_GEH_Task_7.2_Call_announcement_final.pdf (372.33 KB) Early Career Researcher Opportunities