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Collaborative research calls

Euphresco: call for collaboration in plant health

The members of the Euphresco network propose a number of ideas each year. This can lead to transnational collaborations, provided that they raise enough interest, that coordinators are identified and national funds are committed.

Pre-announcement of the 1st Co-funded Call of the Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare


Supporting the Future of Animal Health and Welfare


The European Partnership on Animal Health and Welfare hereby pre-announces the 1st co-funded call for transnational research projects.
The opening of the call is expected to be on 8 May 2024.
Details presented in this document may be subject to change before the opening of the call.


1st Co-funded call of AGROECOLOGY

AGROECOLOGY, the European Partnership ‘Accelerating Farming Systems Transition: Agroecology Living Labs and Research Infrastructures’, is an ambitious, large-scale European research and innovation endeavour between the EC and 26 Member States (