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Socratic Dialogue events

"Socratic Dialogue" events acts as a conduit for collaboration among funding agencies and stakeholder partners, particularly within the Agri-food and Biotechnology sector  targeted by the GEH.

In the GEH context, where transnational exchange of best practices related to international research collaboration is central, we adopt dialogue as a collaborative interrogation method with the aim of promoting mutual learning and collaboration among participants. Our focus is on a dialogical aspect, and the intention is to create an interactive conversation by asking questions within a relevant topic that fosters a valuable exchange between participants towards mutual learning and upgrading knowledge.

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Breakfast clubs

The Green ERA-Hub Breakfast Club offers online seminars specifically designed for postgraduate researchers and PhD students. It is not literally a breakfast club where you meet for a meal, but a virtual space to interact and learn.

  • Cutting-edge research insights: Get access to the latest developments in your field from leading experts.
  • Transferable skills: Develop valuable skills that can be applied outside research, such as communication or project management.
  • Funding opportunities: Learn about grant programmes and scholarships to support your research.
  • Networking: Get in touch with other researchers and listen to renowned speakers from academia, industry and civil society.

If you are a postdoc or PhD student looking to increase your knowledge, expand your network and improve your career prospects, the Green ERA-Hub Breakfast Club is the ideal resource for you. Join this dynamic online community that goes beyond the conventional to fuel your academic journey.

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Early Career Researcher Workshop

In the spirit of fostering collaboration and enhancing competencies, the early-stage researcher workshop will be a cornerstone of our initiative. This workshop aims to provide early-stage researchers (ECRs) with a unique platform to build transnational networks, gain valuable experience and develop skills for transdisciplinary collaboration.

A notable part of this initiative is a specialised workshop for ECRs, strategically designed to identify challenges and visions for future sustainable production systems in Europe. The workshop will be led by experts from the field and should culminate in a shared vision for future sustainable production systems.

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Science to policy and practice

Its mission is to optimise the transfer of knowledge resulting from transnational collaborative research and innovation (R&I) projects. Our focus is on identifying and implementing effective mechanisms to translate research results into practice.

Our approach includes extensive collection and analysis, focusing on examples from participating ERA-Nets and initiatives. We will explore different mechanisms, including the impact of policy briefs, MEP presentations, field visits for policymakers, dialogues between scientists and citizens and joint development of project proposals by scientists and stakeholders.

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Masterclasses ‘Learning from the Past, Preparing for the Future’

These Master Classes delve deeper into specific topics, drawing insights from shades of experience. Participants can expect a deep dive into areas such as public-private financing modalities, the art of scanning cross-cutting themes, and future networking modalities ranging from integration into Horizon EU partnerships to achieving self-sustainability. We are not only learning from the past, but actively preparing for a future characterized by innovation, collaboration and sustainable impact.

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Strategic roadmapping

The cornerstone of this project is the diversity of research areas channelled into a coherent strategic plan through a central roadmap. This roadmap, aligned with the EU Green Deal and based on the experience of partner networks, is critical to the success of the project. Key objectives include informing calls within the GEH, establishing a comprehensive framework, identifying common themes and goals, uncovering research gaps, ensuring alignment with Horizon Europe Partnerships, and co-designing an integrated roadmap to guide future research and collaboration across sectors. This process of strategic visioning ensures that GEH research is aligned with global sustainability goals and promotes a focused, interconnected research landscape that paves the way for impactful and collaborative solutions for a sustainable future.

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