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Network for phytosanitary research coordination and funding

Euphresco is a network of organisations that fund research projects and coordinate national research in the phytosanitary area. The overall goal of Euphresco is to support coordination and collaboration in the area of phytosanitary research and to maintain itself as a strong, long-term network of research stakeholders. In Europe, many of the phytosanitary policies, regulations and underpinning technical recommendations are determined at regional level, while the research that supports them is mostly funded and carried out at the national level. Coordination of such national activities is then vital to reduce the impact of plant pests on the economy, the environment and the health of citizens at the level of each country but more generally at European and international level. EUPHRESCO-I ran from 2006-2010 and aimed to coordinate plant health research at the European (national and EU) levels for the first time and to develop and test the funding mechanisms, processes and tools for implementing transnational research projects. EUPHRESCO-II ran from 2011-2014 and had an emphasis on broadening and deepening the Network’s activities and ensuring a strong, durable Network emerged. An external evaluation of EUPHRESCO (as a whole from 2006-2014) has identified current and expected future impacts, as well as improvements in processes and operations.



  • Duration: 2006 – 2014 under the 6th and 7th EU framework programme, since April 2014 a sustainable network 

  • Website:

  • Contact: Giovani Baldissera

  • E-mail:

  • Partners: As of April 2022, over 70 organisations from more than 50 countries worldwide


Euphresco projects funded so far have been successful in

  1. Providing scientific knowledge to inform risk analysis

  2. Developing and or validating diagnostic tools for use by inspection services and diagnostic laboratories for detecting and identifying regulated pests (and ensuring that these methods are made widely available and incorporated into international standards), thereby enhancing operational and scientific phytosanitary capability

  3. Providing methods for eradication, containment and outbreak management of regulated and emerging pests

  4. Providing opportunities for researchers and scientists to collaborate and therefore enhance phytosanitary science capability

  5. Supporting and linking to other plant health initiatives and coordination mechanisms, e.g. increased cooperation between diagnostic services; development and production of pest risk analyses; support for plant health infrastructure, e.g. collections, taxonomic expertise and diagnostic proficiency testing

All Euphresco project ID cards are available from the Euphresco Digital Research Object Portal searching for 'Euphresco project ID card' DROP.



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