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ERA-NET Cofund on Sustainable Crop Production

Currently, the global production of crops requires excessive amounts of water, pesticides, chemicals and energy. New ways of sustainable crop production have to be explored in order to increase productivity and to improve the quality of crops whilst simultaneously reducing the use of chemicals. Moreover, it is important that sustainability aspects cover the whole food value chain and address topics including (but not limited to) crop diversity and resilience, resource use efficiency, nutrient recycling, ecosystem services, minimal environmental impacts, integrated pest management, reduction and re-use of waste, and achievement of food and nutritional security. Only by securing and enhancing sustainable crop production food and nutrient security for a growing population under climate change can be ensured. The expected impact of the ERA-Net cofund is to contribute to developing cropping systems with improved performance in terms of reduced environmental impacts, resource-use efficiency and product quality. This will help the farming sector adapt to changes expected to result e.g. from emerging resource scarcity, environmental variation, demography, consumer preferences, and global trade.



  • Duration: 2018 – 2023

  • Website:

  • Contact: Christian Breuer

  • E-mail:

  • Budget: € 15 151 516

  • Partners: A community of 34 partners from EU Member States, EU-associated States and Third countries



  1. Co-fund call on sustainable production of crops

  2. 2nd transnational joint call on the improvement of sustainability (environmental, economic and societal) and resilience of crop production

  3. 3rd transnational joint call on circularity in mixed crop and livestock farming systems, with emphasis on greenhouse gas mitigation



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