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ERA-Net Cofund on Sustainable Food production and consumption


SUSFOOD2 was an ERA-NET Cofund on sustainable food production and consumption with 26 partners from 15 countries.


The overarching goal of SUSFOOD2 was to reinforce the cooperation in research, development and innovation between EU member and associated states in order to make food systems more sustainable, resilient and secure. The SUSFOOD2 consortium has organised a cofunded call (2017) for transnational research projects on sustainable food production and consumption. Beyond this, other joint activities, like additional joint calls with CORE Organic and FOSC, workshops, and research and stakeholders’ events have been undertaken, and thus SUSFOOD2 has contributed to the establishment of a resource-efficient, sustainable bioeconomy in the European Research Area.


SUSFOOD2 goals were based on challenges for the field of sustainable food production and consumption. These goals include:

  • To develop sustainable food systems from production to consumption;
  • To increase food processing sustainably while reducing waste in food supply chain and limiting environmental impacts;
  • To improve the quality of life by improving food quality in a sustainable way and to ensure the resilience of the food supply chain;
  • To encourage sustainable consumer behaviors and food choices;
  • To improve competitiveness and economic growth in the European food industry with special attention to SMEs.





  1. Co-fund call on sustainable food production and consumption

  2. 2nd transnational joint call towards sustainable and organic food systems

  3. 3rd transnational joint call on innovative solutions for resilient, climate-smart and sustainable food systems



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